Calculus: real functions of real variable

Calculus with real functions of real variable

Functions. Limits of functions.

Topology of real numbers
Topology Resolved Issues
Successions of real numbers
Problems solved for successions of real numbers
Series of real numbers
Problems solved for series of real numbers
Limits of real functions of real variable
Resolved Function Limits Issues
Functional successions
Solved succession problems
Continuous Functions
Resolved issues of continuous functions

Derivability of functions

Derivative Functions
Resolved functions of derivable functions
Applications of derivatives
Resolved problems of derivative applications

Function integration

Built-in functions: Riemann integral
Calculation of integrals
Fixed problems of indefinite integrals
Applications of the Riemann integral: areas, lengths, integral, improper, integral Euler
Problems solved of areas, lengths, improper integral integrals of Euler

Numerical methods

Approximate resolution of equations
Polynomial interpolation
Differentiation and numerical integration

Resolved Exams

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